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About Skribe

Time for a change?

Slow, expensive, archaic, inefficient, frustrating, and time-consuming. Think about taking a deposition today. Do any of these words resonate with you? After speaking with 150+ litigators, judges, and paralegals, these words were commonly used when describing what it’s like taking a deposition today.

Skribe believes the answers to these problems are AI-generated transcripts, a video first record, and simple video clipping tools - all of which are available within hours after a deposition is over.

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About Skribe

Skribe is a non-stenographic alternative to traditional court reporting services. Our video-first record and AI transcript empower legal professionals to efficiently capture, analyze and share testimony using proven Zoom technology.


Why Skribe?

  • Easier Scheduling
  • Better Experience
  • Faster Results
  • Lower Costs

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Is Skribe Admissible?


Non-stenographic methods of capturing testimony have been admissible in Texas and Federal courts for a long time, and at its core, Skribe is just a non-stenographic tool. As part of using Skribe, a certified notary (known as a Liaison) will be present during the event to swear in the witness, facilitate going on/off the record, assist with exhibits and provide technical support as needed. Following the event, the Liaison provides a certificate that is served on all parties and the court affirming their presence, neutrality and the method used to capture the testimony.

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 Jacob Wuest - Director of Clients
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