Go Further, Faster

Immediate AI Transcript

Speed is quality. As soon as a deposition event is over, both sides gain access to the complete record: the AI transcript, exhibits, and video.

Simple Video Clips

Is court reporting about producing a perfect transcript, or about accurately representing what happened?

  • We agree with the courts since 1992 that video is better.
  • And now it's accessible and affordable.
Simply search the transcript, select some words, and tag your video clips.


A Product for Every Deposition

Team Prep

Schedule the deposition, upload your own exhibits, manage registration, and invite as many parties as you want to do the same.

Enhanced Zooms

On/off record controls and the crisp video you're used to add up to a complete record.

Rough AI Transcript

Access your video synced rough AI Transcript the same-day, download or share the video, and start analyzing.

Video Clipping

Search the transcript, highlight the text, and make a video clip on the fly. It's that simple.