AI And The Future Of Litigation: Navigating New Legal Technologies


Join attorneys Karl Seelbach and Charles Peckham in an engaging webinar focused on the diverse applications of AI for litigators. This session will delve into how AI is transforming legal practices from pleadings to depositions to trial, offering both practical strategies for implementation and insight into the ethical considerations involved.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ethical Navigation in AI Use: Understanding the ethical considerations and legal requirements when using AI in legal drafting and filings.

  • Leveraging AI for Efficient Legal Research: Mastering the use of AI in legal research to enhance case preparation and legal strategy formulation.

  • AI in Standardized Legal Document Creation: Learning how to use AI for drafting form letters, legal documents, and motions, focusing on consistency and time-saving aspects.

  • Advancements in AI for Depositions and Transcriptions: Exploring the latest AI tools for efficient deposition and other legal media transcriptions.

  • Practical Implementation of AI in Law Firms: Providing actionable strategies for effectively integrating AI solutions into law firm operations.


Speaker Bios

  • Karl Seelbach, ( litigator and partner at Doyle & Seelbach PLLC in Austin, Texas, and the founder of
  • Charles Peckham,  ( partner at Peckham Martin, PLLC in Houston, Texas, and a panel mediator with ADR Of Counsel.

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