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What Can You Do
with Same-Day Video Clips?

After a Skribe deposition, a video-synced transcript is immediately available. Create clips of key moments on the fly and share them with your team or even more widely.

All Your Testimony, at Your Fingertips

Your firm’s audio and video files should be easy to access, make and share video clips, and analyze the broader patterns compared to other testimony you’ve captured. With Skribe Library, you can upload all of your audio and video files and be able to quickly search and analyze it. Plus, with Skribe’s clip feature, you can quickly share key evidence with your team, the court, opposing counsel or anytime you want to make your argument more impactful with video. Discover the benefits of Skribe’s video-synced transcripts.

Learn More About Skribe

At Skribe, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing deposition technology through AI. We combine AI & video conferencing for efficient depositions and transcriptions. Save time, save costs, and revolutionize your workflow. Our company takes pride in our core values of ownership, generating leaders and deep listening. We are unafraid of change and tackling a problem head-on.

What Can You Do With Skribe?

With Skribe, you have the power to capture, analyze, and share legal testimony powered by Zoom. Here are a few key benefits you can expect through our innovative technology:
  • Increased efficiency – Receive highly accurate AI transcripts within minutes of uploading a deposition. Drowning in audio & video files? Organize, search, and analyze seamlessly with Skribe Library.
  • Lower costs – Avoid the expenses associated with traditional court reporting agencies.
  • Greater accessibility – Being able to share key evidence with audio and video clips allows for better understanding between all parties involved in legal proceedings.

Sign Up Now or Schedule a Demo

If you’re looking to optimize your deposition workflow with Skribe, get in touch with our team today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our AI-powered technology or how to use Skribe to capture and share legal testimony.

Testimony from Litigators

“The ability to generate transcripts and videos quickly has significantly streamlined our operations, particularly when it comes to sending demands or following up on discovery. The same-day video delivery is a standout feature that enhances our efficiency.”
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