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Our Story

The Beginning of Skribe

Skribe, a revolutionary deposition technology, was born out of the visionary drive of Co-Founders Karl Seelbach and Tom Irby to transform the legal industry. Recognizing the increasing advancements in AI capabilities and the ongoing struggle to balance time and cost when hiring deposition services, the concept of Skribe took shape under their leadership.

Driven by their shared desire to simplify and enhance the deposition process, the two of them envisioned Skribe as a technology powered tool that would revolutionize the way legal professionals approached their work. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Skribe aimed to offer a seamless and efficient alternative to traditional court reporting methods.

With Skribe, attorneys and paralegals can now rely on a reliable and intelligent assistant that could transcribe depositions accurately and swiftly. With Karl’s experience as an attorney and Tom’s business background, the two built a platform that aims to reshape the legal industry.

Meet Our Founders

Meet Carl

Karl is a seasoned litigation attorney with over 17 years of experience in the courtroom, representing clients in personal injury, business, and employment litigation. He is a skilled advocate and a tenacious fighter who handles cases with precision and an eye towards trial from day one. His adversaries describe him as “skilled” and “whip smart.” But Karl’s legal expertise doesn’t stop there – he’s also the founder of Skribe.ai.

Meet Tom

With 35+ years of experience in ownership/C-level executive, sales, operations leadership, and business coaching, Tom has a proven track record of pioneering the road to recovery for businesses who are experiencing challenging cash situations and detrimental business trends; his passion is to assist in the creation of goals and establish a clear, concise plan, then make it happen.

Our Core Values


Relish taking on the problem all the way from why through shipped solution you’re proud of—it’s the mentality to stare ambiguity in the face and charge.

Leaders Generate Leaders

Leadership is a trait not a role. We cross-functionally and transparently connect everyone to the why so many brains may problem-solve and set direction.

Deep Listening

We practice slow thinking, reflection, and understanding as the basis of lightning fast, on-target execution. Everyone takes notes at Skribe.

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