Harnessing the Power of Non-Stenographic Depositions and AI Software

Embrace the future of litigation with AI and innovative technologies! Join attorneys Karl Seelbach and Charles Peckham in our upcoming webinar. Explore what non-stenographic depositions are, uncover the power of software for recording and sharing testimony, and unlock new time and cost efficiencies. Learn ways to intensify the effect of your case with key video testimonies.

⚖ Master the basics of non-stenographic depositions, including rules, scheduling, transcript creation, and the role of software.

💰 Uncover the hidden cost and time-saving benefits compared to traditional deposition methods.

🎥Quickly create video clips of key testimony and evidence with advanced software techniques.

💼Leverage the power of video clips to boost the influence of your demand letters, briefs, and reports.

Elevate your practice with Skribe.ai. Join our webinar and get ready to elevate your workflow! 🚀

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