How to: Schedule a Live event

Start Scheduling today

Our AI-driven platform is designed not only for fast and accurate transcriptions, but also to simplify the scheduling of depositions and other events, hosted with zoom.

Below, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of hosting a deposition in the Skribe application. We want to make sure you can effortlessly set up your own depositions and get started taking control over your scheduling.

1. Head over to and log in to your account –
 2. Select the Matter that you would like to schedule for:
 3. If there is no existing Matter, create a new one.
       3. Click on “Add Matter” screenshot
      3.2 Name the Matter by clicking the pencil icon     3. 3 Format the Matter name – e.g. “Plaintiff v. Defendant” screenshot
 4. Once the Matter has been created, you are ready to proceed, click the “Schedule new Live Event” button.  screenshot
 5. In the Event window, enter the details of the event and click OrderEvent name – e.g. “Deposition of WitnessName”Start Date/Time – Deposition date and timeNote this in the local time for you.Estimated Duration – Select about how long this event will be forReminder that Skribe will charge only you for the time that is recorded in the event. 
6. The details of your scheduled event are available.screenshot
 7. If you want to add the event to your calendar, select “Add to Calendar” to generate the desired calendar file with the event info. screenshot
8. If you want to copy the event link and invite others – click the “Copy Live Event Link” and paste that in emails, chat messages, or anywhere else you’d like to share it with others.
 9. Ensure that you share the Zoom Link with the opposing counsel or add them as an invitee on the calendar schedule.
10. The day of the scheduled event, the “zoom” button will be active and you can join as the host. 

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