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A Better Way To Take
& Analyze Testimony

With Skribe you can expect:
Same-day Rough transcript by AI – Proofreading optional
Create and share your video clips of key deposition moments
Zoom hosting of Live events – keep the familiar setup!
Half the cost you are paying for Court Reporters and Videographers today

Skribe Library

Got a stack of audio or video files you need to search, analyze or clip? Upload them to Skribe Library and start using them today.

Transcript available in minutes

Get a quick same day AI transcript generated within minutes of uploading. Name the speakers and share the PDF with who you need to. Run a keyword search or quickly skim the transcript to find the exact moment in the video you’re looking for.

Create and share video clips

Create your own video clips all by yourself, no need for passing timestamps or page/line designations to a 3rd party. You have the power now. Share the video clips using a simple URL. Anyone with the URL can instantly watch the clip on their browser.

Skribe Live

Capture, analyze and share legal testimony, including depositions, EUOs, and more. Powered by Zoom and integrated within Skribe, you can host your events with us andget them automatically processed and put into your Library when complete.

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Witness the future of legal testimony.