What Can You Do
with Same-Day Video Clips?

After a Skribe deposition, a video-synced transcript is immediately available. Create clips of key moments on the fly and share them with your team or even more widely.
  • No more paying extra to sync a video with the transcript

  • No more time spent wrestling with expensive video editing software

  • No more waiting days or weeks to act on the video testimony



All Your Testimony, at Your Fingertips

Your firm's audio and video files should be easy to access, make and share video clips, and analyze the broader patterns compared to other testimony you've captured. With Skribe Library, you can upload all of your audio and video files and be able to quickly search and analyze it. Plus, with Skribe's clip feature, you can quickly share key evidence with your team, the court, opposing counsel or anytime you want to make your argument more impactful with video.