What Can You Do
with Same-Day Video Clips?

After a Skribe deposition, a video synced transcript is immediately available. Create clips of key moments on the fly and share them with your team or even more widely, right away.
  • No more paying to sync a video with the transcript

  • No more time spent wrestling with expensive video editing software

  • No more waiting days or weeks to act on the video testimony


What About Opposing Counsel?

We make it simple for you and opposing counsel.

  • 1st – We've developed a transparent set of stipulations to make it easy for you to capture testimony yourself.

  • 2nd – They can bring (and pay for) their own court reporter.

  • 3rd – You can always have the rough AI transcript proofread by a human if and when needed. No need to pay for it all up front!

We've partnered with national counsel to develop comprehensive state-by-state guidelines for taking non-stenographic depositions.


Own the Testimony

The testimony belongs in YOUR event library, where YOU can choose what to do with it – order proofreading, make/share video clips, and analyze the broader pattern compared to other testimony you've captured.


Smart As a Human (almost!)

  • Go on/off record.

  • Build an exhibit queue with your team, and decide when to introduce them to the record or not. 

  • Allow witnesses to draw on and reference exhibits easily.

  • Zoom-based controls we're all familiar with by now.