The Need for Innovation in LegalTech

Solving Pain Points for Attorneys and Paralegals

Being an attorney entails numerous responsibilities, including sifting through extensive documents, preparing video clips for trials, and managing deadlines. All these translate into long hours, significant expenses, and stressful logistics, emphasizing the necessity for innovative solutions in legal tech.

The traditional process of preparing for a trial or deposition often requires dependence on external resources like court reporting agencies or trial technicians. Also, creating video clips for depositions or witness impeachments is notably time-consuming and labor-intensive, frequently resulting in delays and substantial costs. However, new software solutions are simplifying these tasks:

“And so I started weaving in these video clips into the examination outline so that if I needed them, I was literally one click away from showing the witness or from impeaching the witness with video evidence.”

Karl Seelbach, Doyle & Seelbach PLLC, Austin, Texas

One pain point for legal teams is sifting through complex invoices from court reporting agencies, often leading to unexpected costs. Thankfully, innovative legal tech solutions, like, offer transparent pricing, which eliminates these surprise fees.

These solutions also expedite traditional processes. For instance, most non-stenographic solutions can deliver rough transcripts synchronized to the video on the same day, with a final transcript usually available within a week.

Integration of AI in these tools benefits legal teams by making their work more impactful. For instance, AI-driven tools can aid attorneys in crafting and embedding video clips of key evidence directly into their motion, thereby enhancing the persuasion of their argument.

Even with these advancements, some litigators may still prefer traditional methods. Most state laws provide for non-stenographic records, but if opposing parties opt for a stenographer, they’re free to do so at their own expense.

Innovation in the legal tech space has immense potential. By focusing on resolving existing issues and creating tools that enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, legal tech can redefine attorney workflows. This allows legal professionals to focus more on their primary duties—attaining justice for their clients.

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